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Better Lives...Without Knives

No Knives Better Lives has a shiny new website. Over two years, Catch the Light put together the peer education resources and set up a prototype website for No Knives Better Lives to demonstrate ways to carry out peer education create new and borrow existing materials and ensure that this suite of resources was more useful and relevant to practitioners and young people working on this topic. In response the No Knives Better Lives team decided to give their website a complete overhaul. The No Knives is now scored out on the website as the team took on board advice the underlying causes of knife crime need more attention than knives or other weapons that get used to cause harm.

The Peer Education Resources were created with young people and practitioners across Scotland. We're very grateful to the Violence Reduction Unit's You Decide Team, G20 and Landed in particular for their support in putting these materials together and testing them out. We also want to thank all the other organisations and schools that gave the resources a test run (The Hut, FARE, School Link Officers in All Saints and Cleveden Secondary Schools in Glasgow City and Spartans). We also need to give a special shout out to Springburn Parish Church for hosting the pilot groups. Dario D'Andrea gave tremendous support throughout this project. We also thank Vicki Ridley from the NKBL team for her support and advice throughout.

Get in touch if you would like Catch the Light to come and deliver sessions on any of the topics:

  • Masculinity

  • Resilience

  • Violence

  • Alcohol

  • Peer Education Approach

Are you looking to develop learning or training courses and materials for your workers, volunteers and young people. This is something we have done for many organisations including CLD Standards Council, Police Scotland International Development Unit, Police Scotland Youth Volunteers, Girls' Brigade in Scotland and No Knives Better Lives. We can also support you to have your materials aligned with SCQF accreditation.


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