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About Us

Introducing Catch the Light

Catch the Light was formed in 2006 by Ian McDonald and Tila MorrisWe are driven by our passion and belief that young people and communities in Scotland deserve the best quality services to achieve their highest aspirations. Here are our star features:


  • Dynamic - We bring an infectious energy and enthusiasm for working with people coupled with creative and innovative approaches.

  • Professional - In addition to more than 40 years experience we are registered with the Community Learning & Development Standards Council for Scotland. We adhere closely to social research and management standards. We both have qualifications in management, specialising in the public and third sector.

  • Learning - Learning is at the core of everything we do from supporting you and your organisation through a process of learning and reflection, to planning and organising learning programmes.

  • Knowledge - We continue to build up a vast knowledge base of research and policy on different approaches to improving the quality of life for young people and communities.

  • Diversity - We work with individuals, groups, organisations partnerships and networks, especially in communities experiencing challenges and adversity.

  • Values led - We are driven by the values of self-determination, inclusion, empowerment, working collaboratively and promotion of lifelong learning.

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