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planning & organising

Whether setting out on a new venture or looking to get more out of the things you already do Catch the Light works with you to plan and organise your the work ahead. 


Catch the Light will quickly engage with the right individuals, groups and organisations using a range of tools, such as:


  • Model of change - developing a logic model is a good way to plan by thinking first about the difference you want to make, then working out how you will make an impact.

  • Gatherings - bringing people together to seek views on a theme, a topic or an issue.

  • Polling - we can use on-line or telephone technology to gather thoughts, ideas and reactions.

  • Peer led research - training a lead group to undertake their own research, analyse their own results and determine their own way forward.

  • Creative concepts - use creative tools, images and stories to develop new ideas and imagine new possibilities.


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