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research, monitoring & evaluation

At Catch the Light we strive to take away the strains to make monitoring and evaluation part and parcel of what you do. Examples of how we do this are:


Feasibility studies - consulting to find out if your ideas meet needs. Also testing your idea to see if it is the best way of achieving your outcomes.

Service reviews - finding out what people really think about what you do and what can be improved to make it fit for purpose.

Impact assessment - finding out what impact was made on your target groups.

Evidence  - using simple tools to capture data so that you always have your finger on the pulse, make informed decisions and have all the evidence to hand that service users, funders, inspectors and stakeholders are looking for.

Evaluations - a more rounded overview of work you have carried out over a longer period of time.


We bring an impressive range of facilitation skills, adapting our techniques to suit all ages from using games with children to using observation and interviews with professionals. We also make extensive use of creative tools such as storytelling and imagery. We use technology such as ipad surveys that work well out on the street, live phone polls where there is a large audience and and digital surveys to distribute by email or social networks. Most of all we never forget the importance of face to face interaction and strong communication techniques.


We produce reports in numerous formats including infographics, online magazines, databases, blogs, websites and not forgetting full details of the findings and anlysis in published reports. 


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