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training & facilitation

Asset Mapping

We provide training to:

  • Plan a mapping exercise

  • Identify assets

  • Gather information

  • Process information

  • Create an interactive on-line map and directory


This gives you the skills and confidence to undertake a practical mapping exercise. It can be tailored to achieve SQA or other recognised accreditation when led by young people or volunteers.  Training and guidance notes are provided to leaders. The key benefit is that you are left with a lasting resource.

Finger on the pulse

There is an ever growing range of digital tools and apps to help you keep your finger on the pulse. But how do you know which ones to use and when?


We will tailor training to give you the knowledge of different tools and how to use them in ways that suit your organisation. 


From phone polls to street surveys, we'll show you the way. Learn how to set up different question types, anlalyse data and make an impact when presenting the results.

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