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  • We all need time to recover from adversity, trauma and difficult times that affect us. This is your time to heal.

  • We are all naturally curious, but often we are denied the chance to be curious about our own potential. This is your gift of time.

  • Often we get boxed in by other people's ideas of what we should do, how we behave, how we should feel. We lose track of who we really are. This is your chance to unbox.

  • We all have a natural desire to keep developing, but sometimes our past holds us back and stops us from moving forward. This is your time to shine.

  • We spend lots of time listening to other people but when do we get listened to? This is your time to be heard.

Abstract Curves

One to one support session use three therapeutic techniques:

  • therapeutic life story work

  • mindfulness

  • counselling

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Programme Facilitator

Ian McDonald has years of experience working with young people and families that have experienced adversity, as well as giving support to professionals. Ian is qualified in Therapeutic Storytelling, he has a Graduate Certificate in Counselling and is a qualified Mindfulness Teacher. He skillfully blends these techniques into his unique conversational style that is pragmatic and action focussed.

People that have worked with Ian praise his kindness, his empathy and understanding. What matters is feeling you have been listened to and knowing that you have gained power over your life, you are making decisions and you have an amazing story to tell.

“In helping people make sense of their world, we can explore their thinking, their emotional self and their internal view and then help shape their external presentation to achieve all they can be”. (Rose 2012)
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