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For any individual it is important to gain a sense of where we came from, who brought us into the world and where we belong”


This service dedicates time to  CHOOSE ACTIONS TO CHANGE HABITS. The facilitated conversations use a variety of tools and techniques drawn from Counselling, Mindfulness and Therapeutic Life Story Telling to enable you to be the author of your own story so that you discover the real you.

Through powerful stories and new habit-making, you receive 12 one-to-one support sessions to become the person you are destined to be. It gives you tools and techniques for handing difficult times and situations so that you are ready to take on each moment of every new day.

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We live in a world where there is a lot of external noise that interferes with how we live our lives. We miss out on valuable opportunities to reflect on who we are and the kind of human beings we want to be. 

By the end of this programme you will know your story, take control of how it defines you and be freed so that you no longer care about how you are judged for being who you are.

Why do it?

  • We all need time to recover from adversity, trauma and difficult times that affect us. This is your time to heal.

  • We are all naturally curious, but often we are denied the chance to be curious about our own potential. This is your gift of time.

  • Often we get boxed in by other people's ideas of what we should do, how we behave, how we should feel. We lose track of who we really are. This is your chance to unbox.

  • We all have a natural desire to keep developing, but sometimes our past holds us back and stops us from moving forward. This is your time to shine.

  • We spend lots of time listening to other people but when do we get listened to? This is your time to be heard.


Therapeutic Life Story Work

Is a recognised intervention aimed at helping a person, through exploring, questioning and understanding the past events of their lives. It is a specific, time-limited and focussed intervention. In its broadest terms is a process that we all engage in throughout our lives. It is fluid and unique to each individual. The process is an important part of our identity and our relationship and connection to the world and others.



Is the practice of observing thoughts, feelings and sensations with the indifference of an objective bystander.


Is a  relational practice that provides a safe and confidential space for you to talk  an individuals  issues and concerns. The process will help you explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours so you can develop a better understanding of yourself and of others.

Who is it for?


This programme gives vital time to professionals that need a regular sounding board. It is a good way for boards to support their leaders and managers. It helps to keep good people within the organisation and helps to look after their health and wellbeing.

It is also an effective way to support workers/volunteers that are going through a period of intensive change. It is particularly useful at a time of change such as starting a new job, changing roles, pre and post retirement, starting new projects and redundancy. Life events also have a major impact in the workplace such as bereavement, relationship breakdown, family start-up and beyond.


This programme is aimed at young people going through transitions, for example: moving from primary to secondary school, leaving secondary school, struggling to attend school, leaving care, leaving prison, moving house, changing adult relationships, losing a loved a one, pregnancy and becoming a parent, leaving home, starting college, university or work.


It is beneficial for dealing with issues like stigma, self-doubt, insecurity, anxiety and other difficulties you may face.


Programme Facilitator

Ian McDonald has years of experience working with young people and families that have experienced adversity, as well as giving support to professionals. Ian is qualified in Therapeutic Storytelling, he has a Graduate Certificate in Counselling and is a qualified Mindfulness Teacher. He skillfully blends these techniques into his unique conversational style that is pragmatic and action focussed.

People that have worked with Ian praise his kindness, his empathy and understanding. What matters is feeling you have been listened to and knowing that you have gained power over your life, you are making decisions and you have an amazing story to tell.

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“In helping people make sense of their world, we can explore their thinking, their emotional self and their internal view and then help shape their external presentation to achieve all they can be”. (Rose 2012)
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