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The Radical Road to Character Education

Starting school for the first time is a big moment in everyone's life. As adults we sometimes forget the emotions we felt and we quickly lose track of how much school has influenced the people we are today. This year we've been reflecting a lot on the role of school and formal education as our own son started school. It's poignant that he attends New Lanark Primary, the village where Robert Owen pioneered his own ideas of giving communities a sense of good character.

A great opportunity to combine our professional and personal reflections came along when Gary Walsh at Character Scotland invited Tila to write a blog for their website. Not only was it published by them, but Tila has since presented it to their conference in Edinburgh in November 2014. You can listen to a recording of the presentation here, that was published by Ragged University. Another workshop on this theme was provided at the Character Scotland conference at Glasgow University in 2015.

The article gained international attention when it was published by the Alternative Education Resource Organisation (AERO) and Tila and Ian were invited to deliver a workshop at the AERO conference in New York, where the keynote speaker was TED talk sensation Sugata Mitri.

We'd love to hear your own thoughts on character education, radical education and the role of asset based approaches to youth development (or Positive Youth Development as it's referred to in America). Read the article here.

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