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Catch the Light goes to the Alternative Education Conference in New York

When we set up Catch the Light we wanted to use our experience to look at best practice across the globe share our learning to improve practice in Scotland. Our first opportunity will take place this year at the Alternative Education Resource Organisation (AERO) conference in New York.

We have great hopes and aspirations as the learning exchange has already begun. AERO has promoted Tila's article 'The Radical Road' to its members across America and internationally. The original was pubished earlier this year by Character Scotland and shared at their conference in November. We'll soon bring you more news about a related workshop in New York and Glasgow in 2015.

In the meantime we thought you might enjoy these videos from Jerry Mintz the AERO organiser and Sugata Mitra the keynote speaker. This is Jerry talking about the power of democracy in education - something which is central to youth work practice.

Here is Sugata Mitra talking about his 'Hole in the Wall' self directed learning project. It's an inspiring story.

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